Divisions U-9 – U-15

U-9 and U-11 will have 4 full time spots while U-13 and U-15 will have 6 full time spots that are filled on a first come first served basis. The spots can be split between two goalies by agreement between the players parents and Shooters Directors. Once the spots are filled goalies may contact Shooters to be put on a spare list or to play in another division (based on skill, maturity level, parental and Shooters Directors agreement)

Goalies assigned a full-time spot will be expected to play all 18 games for the team they are assigned to play on. If they play in all 18 games they will receive a $150.00 refund at the end of the season. It is the players/parents responsibility to contact Shooters3on3 within 30 days of the end of the program to claim a refund.

If a full-time goalie has to miss a game they are responsible to find a back up to cover the game from the list of eligible goalies approved by Shooters 3 on 3 for each Division. As long as all games are covered the full-time goalie is eligible for a refund.

Eligible Goalies

To be considered an eligible goalie within Shooters 3 on 3 the goalie or player must be a registered participant within the program during the year of play. Players and goalies not registered within the shooters program during the current year are strictly forbidden from playing and further will not be covered by any type of insurance in the event of injury or death.